Helping to ensure that home internet access is not a barrier to a child's education.

T-Mobile and Sprint teamed up to give you a stronger, more capable network, allowing us to launch Project 10Million. We are committed to help bridge the digital divide by offering mobile hotspots with free internet access for students of the Puerto Rico Department of Education.

We offer them to students from kindergarten to fourth grade of the Puerto Rico Department of Education:

FREE Mobile HotSpot with 100GB of internet per year, for 5 years

What can a student do with 100GB of internet per year?

140 Hours

Streaming school videos

320 Hours

of E-learning

5000 Hours

Of research on the internet

200 Hours

Of online university exam preparation

Participating in Project 10Million is easy.

Who is Eligible?

Students in kindergarten through fourth grade who are enrolled in a Puerto Rico Department of Education school.

Only one free Hotspot per household.

How can I apply for the free program?

Parents or guardians of students can fill out an online form by accessing this link.

They must submit the eligibility documents by uploading an image of the student's Academic Progress Report (grades) or his or her Certification of Enrolled Student in the Puerto Rico Department of Education. You must also provide the student number and school district (PR-01).

T-Mobile stores and T-Mobile Customer Service cannot enroll students in the program.

How can I receive the free hotspot?

After completing the online application process and being approved, the Hotspot will arrive in the mail with instructions on how to use it.

Are you the parent or guardian of an eligible student?